Precipitation of alumina hydroxide
First Pilot scale test at MYTILINEOS for production of slag and cast iron

Exploitation of the ENSUREAL results

Within the ENSUREAL project, several locations for a full-size alumina plant are being considered. One of these is Mo Industrial Park, one of Norway’s largest industrial parks, situated in the town of Mo i Rana. The site is attractive because of:

  1. The nearby presence of an aluminium smelter
  2. The availability of hydroelectric power in a surplus energy area of Norway
  3. The availability of limestone
  4. The presence of an industrial cluster that can supply the ENSUREAL process with CO gas for prereduction, CO2 for precipitation and warm water for the hydrometallurgical part of the process.

SINTEF has recently received funding through the research council of Norway to explore the business case for alumina production in Mo I Rana further. This project, called CIRCALU, will present it’s results in 2021.