A timeline of project milestones

The overall progress of the project is evaluated constantly and specific milestones are set in the project execution as follows:
  • March 2022 ✔ VALIDATION

    Milestone 11: ENSUREAL process validated
  • June 2021✔ TESTS

    Milestone 10: Characterisation tests validate the applications of the products/byproducts
  • November 2020 ✔ TEST RUN

    Milestone 9: Test run of Outotec calcination demo
  • September 2020 ✔ BUSINESS CASE

    Milestone 8: Business case is set
  • March 2020 ✔ TEST RUN

    Milestone 7: Test run of Mytilineos hydro demo
  • November 2019 ✔ TEST RUN

    Milestone 6: Test run of Mytilineos pyro demo: Slag and metal were produced by Mytilineos.

    Milestone 5: Environmental benefits of the Pedersen process validated: The first version of the LCA for the new process was completed.
  • November 2018 ✔ RAW MATERIALS SCENARIO

    Milestone 4: Raw materials scenario in EU justifies full implementation of the process: The Industrial park at Mo I Rana and the industrial complex of Aluminium of Greece at Agios Nikolaos, Viotia were chosen as the most promising regions for the ENSUREAL process.
  • October 2018 ✔ 2nd PROGRESS MEETING

    2nd ENSUREAL Progress Meeting, Greece
  • September 2018 ✔ TEST RUN

    Milestone 2: Test run in the rotary pre-reduction furnace at SINTEF
  • September 2018 ✔ TEST RUN

    Milestone 3: Test run in the pilot smelting furnace at SINTEF
  • March 2018 ✔ 1st PROGRESS MEETING

    1st ENSUREAL Progress Meeting, Trondheim
  • December 2017✔ WEBSITE

    ENSUREAL website Milestone 1: Website online and identity of the project set
  • October 2017✔ KICK-OFF MEETING

    ENSUREAL kick-off meeting Hosted by the European Commission, the Kick-Off Meeting took place on October 6, 2017, in Brussels.